Italian custom design, from art to design

Momenti is the expression of a path between entrepreneurship and art, which flows in the creation of furnishings for the home, as taught by the best tradition of Italian design.
In 2005, the brothers Alexander and Matteo Bagnai approached the design world learning the rules on the field, then growing their own path of artistic training.
The passion for creativity and art is expressed from the very beginning with the creation of numerous modern designs: the first production is a line of mirrors, made with a mixture of simple and precious manufacturing materials, like mosaic.

The result is a suggestive alchemy which characterize unique items, furniture elements are marked by a deep bond with the know-how of Italian design and a unique creative intent.

With mental and entrepreneurial openness, Alexander and Matteo later decide to involve other artists in the design of furniture, paintings, wallpapers and ceramics. This to expand the product concept and to satisfy international markets that are increasingly demanding and selective, constantly requiring new emotions, but at the same time attentive to the quality of the entire creative process: from concept to production, from communication to marketing.

In this way Momenti shows up in the international furniture and design market, with all its main features: aesthetic sensibility, art, technique, attention to detail, the quality of Made in Italy and international vision.

Moments of applied art, today and tomorrow

Momenti, the Italian company created by the Bagnai brothers, which produces design elements and furniture, wallpaper, paintings and ceramics, is stronger today due to numerous collaborations with internationally acknowledged designers, artists, graphic designers, illustrators and craftsmen. Momenti works on shared projects with different personalities and skills, with an eye to the future to spread the quality of Made in Italy, an excellence desired around the world from those who seek highly customized and perfectly coordinated products.

It is in the DNA of Momenti researching, experimenting, creating: even if on one hand is difficult, because creativity doesn't follow a linear and predetermined path, on the other hand the kind of ​​brand desired by Alexander and Matteo allows you to take different paths, drawing between a constant flow of aspirations.
It's as if every time leaving for another trip, with destinations to be discovered - and in the course of this travel may happen to find a little hidden boutique that sells custom-made suits, tailored for the soul.

And speaking of soul and feeling, today Momenti offers the idea of 'Italian Custom Design' for objects/subjects and surfaces, tactile, three-dimensional, through four collections for home, office and contract sector.

The added value of Momenti is, in fact, the Italian character of the product, which has set a clear standard for the realization of the products: the aim is to offer the highest quality products, result of great attention to every single part of the production process, from the choice of materials and their quality, the attention to details, made of great knowledge, experience and extraordinary technique.
Everything is strictly hand-made and each piece, from concept to production, remains in our territory, Romagna, reflecting the creativity and know-how of our historic manufacturing sector.

Custom projects

Tailors of italian design: project tailored and custom made

Momenti is an artistic design workshop that aims to customize spaces through exciting and fascinating furniture solutions: all the products of the Momenti collections are meant to coat any surface, be it a floor, a wall, or a furnishing element.

As in the best tradition of Italian design, the work process allows you to customize any surface from a project, an idea, an intuition, a simple drawing supplied by the customer or an image from our catalog.
Momenti's technical and creative office interacts directly with designers, architects and professionals to find an appropriate solution for any environment.
In this way, every corner becomes unique and unrepeatable. This means providing our customers one of a kind collections of exclusive choices, innovative and versatile solutions.

That is why we love to call ourselves the "Tailors of Italian design."


Projects and contract

The contract furniture is a complex and multifaceted world, where design and customization of furniture, systems and furnishings elements play a fundamental role.
Momenti perfectly interprets every need of the contract costumer, with the composition of spaces, styles, original atmospheres and situations. The furnishing of spaces is a reflection of needs of those who design and those who live in these same places: it takes design versatility and flexibility, realization of quality, ability to interpret different stylistic and architectural languages, respecting the functionality of the environments and exclusive design.
Momenti, with its collections and innate ability to dynamically evolve based on the needs of the market, is the perfect interpreter of contract market.